Cops with bad attitudes

I recently got a fix it ticket for missing a front license plate. I went in to the local CHP office which is a CHP office located in the Monterey Park / East LA area to get the ticket stamped (which you gotta do for a fix it ticket). A CHP officer will come out to look at your car to make sure you fixed the problem and them stamp your ticket and then you pay the $10 and send it in. Anyhow, I walked in the office and a female officer who was sitting behind the glass window just sat there mad-dogging me.

I finally said "Hello, I'm here to take care of a ticket".

CHP: "Did you fix the plates"

Me: "Yes"

CHP: "Where is your car parked?"

Me: "Outside, in the parking lot"

CHP: "Where at in the parking lot?"

I point to the direction in the parking lot, I might add that the lot is very small and my car was the only car in the lot so I'm thinking what the hell does it matter.

She then ask me if their is anything else wrong with my car besides the plate I fixed. I tell her "No".

She then tells me that if she has to walk outside and she finds tinted windows that are too dark, a light not working and a list of other things she named that she is going to site me.

This girl was tough. What I mean is she was a half man if you know what I mean. She was not telling me this stuff politely. She had a real bad attitude while talking to me like she was trying to intimidate me. Put it this way, she was trying to talk to me like I was a freakin inmate or something.

She comes in the lobby and we proceed to exit the building. I'm in front of her and I hold the door open for her and she did just what I expected. She grabbed the door real tough from behind me to let herself out. I just knew she didn't want to be treated like a lady.

We get to my car and this girl is really giving my car a thorough inspection. She finally finds something to satisfy herself. She finds a tiny crack in my windshield that you can barely see. I tell her that I didn't know it was there, which I really didn't.

A little more conversation went on and the whole time this lady is acting like a smart ass. She really seemed like she was trying to intimidate me into giving her a reason to tackle me or something. When I raised my voice at her she really took a stance into attack mode. It was just crazy! She then said that she is not going to stamp my ticket. I then walked away and thanked her for all of her help. Of course no your welcome came from her so I imitated a female voice and "your welcomed" myself. Her face turned red with anger and as I was walking away I swear I thought she was going to tackle me from behind.

I left and went straight to the CHP office in Altadena. The officer there was really nice, came out, checked to make sure my plates were on and stamped my ticket. I said "thank you" and he said "your welcome".

The Monterey Park / East LA CHP office really needs to learn customer service. Just because you were that badge does not give you the right to be a total asshole. I should have reported her ass! Makes me wonder if they teach them to act that way at this office. Years ago I had paid another fix it ticket there and the guy was an asshole too, just not as bad.