Police Officer loses his job because of a cup of coffee

A police officer in Daytona Beach, Florida has been fired because of a cup of coffee. How is this possible you might ask. Well, apparently after a Starbucks coffee shop refused to serve Lt. Major Garvin with free coffee and wanted him to pay for it the officer replied to them that his response time may be a little slower should they have any situations there at the coffee house. Lt. Major Garvin told them that a two minute response time may turn into a fifteen minute response time.

Wow! Kind of seems like extortion doesn't it. Just like the gangsters would do to some businesses.

"Pay us and we will protect you!"

Employees said that Garvin would roll his bicycle into the shop and would ignore the employees when they would tell him that he could not bring his bike into the coffee house.

To make matters worse he would take cuts in the lines and would not just order the regular house coffee but always ordered the specialty drinks.

Garvin had been going to this particular coffee shop for a couple years and was used of getting his way there but when new management took over all of that changed. He would visit five or six times a day costing the shop about $20 per day.

Garvin denied the allegations and said that the shop employees are boring it all up but the department said that the officer failed a lie detector test. They fired Garvin and he is now out of a job because of a cup of coffee.

Giving officers freebies is the choice of the business and it can be good practice. What better way to get free security for your business when an officer is visiting your business three or four times a shift but no officer or anyone for that matter should ever expect that getting freebies is a given right.

This story is a serious one and the coffee shop owner should be honored for taking a stand against this officer. Most people would be intimidated and let an officer get what he wants.

In a way though I could not help but find this story amusing and had to laugh at it picturing this cop. I mean It's just like a little kid in elementary school, the so called big bully taking cuts in line and flashing his badge around then threatening that if he don't get what he wants then he won't help you out when you need him.