Carrie Prejean mocked because of her Christian beliefs

I recently read an article that questioned Miss California, Carrie Prejean's Christian values. The article talked about how Carrie Prejean opposes gay marriage because of her Christian beliefs. The article then goes on to mock Carrie's Christian values because of her provocative photos that were exposed. It also said that if she was truly a Christian she would not have had these pictures taken.

This article was one of the most annoying articles I have read in some time. First off, we all know that all the controversy started when they set her up with the question they asked her about gay marriage. I can guarantee you that if she said that she supported gay marriage that there would be none of all this controversy about the pictures and all the other allegations against her. The woman told the truth about what she believes! Freedom of speech! It's a right we all have, I'm sure we all agree on that.

About the article that I mentioned above. I guess the reason it kind of got to me is because I can sort of relate. I am a born again Christian myself. I believe in Christ and pray to him everyday. I know that Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins so that we can have a chance at eternal life. I'm not going to go on preaching here but you get the point.

Guess what though, I do smoke, cigarettes that is. I've been smoking for 20 years! Guess what else, I do like to have an alcoholic beverage sometimes, especially a nice screwdriver to get a little buzz. Heck, I'll even hit the bar once in a while. Oh yeah, guess what, once in a while I might even say a swear word! I also like to watch movies and sometimes they have violence in them. Guess what else, this one is going to kill some, but I even check out woman and admire their beauty. Uh-oh, is that all sooo un-Christian?

Does all of that mean I'm not a true Christian? Nope, not one bit! I believe in Jesus Christ and love him with all of my heart but guess what everyone. Christians are not perfect! So because I'm not perfect I guess I can't say that I oppose gay marriage or that I oppose murder, or that I oppose stealing or that I oppose abortion, because who am I? I'm just another fake Christian, I guess I'm a hypocrite, right? WRONG! Carrie Prejean may have made some mistakes just as I do but guess what she's still a Christian and has Christian values.

I get so tired of people thinking that Christians are suppose to be people who go around talking about nothing but Christ and the Bible every second of the day and hide under a rock when it comes to anything else in the world. We are far from perfect and are just as much sinners as anyone else. The difference is that we believe in Christ and the others don't. News flash, being a Christian does not even make someone close to being a perfect un-sinful person. I guess to some when a Christian sins, they were never a real Christian. Sorry, that's not the way it works. If that were the case they there would not be one Christian in the world.

As far as gay marriage is concerned. I'm not for it, yes because of my Christian beliefs but guess what, anyone who supports gay marriage I have no problem with, that is your right!. Of course our opinions differ but heck, you have a right to your opinion as much as I do.

Would everyone just leave Carrie Prejean alone please!