What is a image hosting website?

When you have a website or blog, there are many times that you may want to add on images or pictures to your articles. Image hosting websites can be very useful for owners of websites or blogs. With image hosting websites, you will be able to upload your images to their servers as your images are displayed on your web pages.

After registering with a image hosting provider, you will be able to start uploading your pics. The uploading process is usually very simple on most image hosting websites as they will have an upload interface on their site which will easily allow you to upload your images to their servers.

Once you have uploaded your images, they are hosted on the image hosting providers server and are available to be seen online. When you want to display your images somewhere on the web, you simply link to your image with either the HTML code, BBcode, or whatever other options you are provided with. Lots of image hosting websites will offer many advanced tools such as giving their users the ability to create photoblogs or galleries with their images.

Some image hosting websites will charge a monthly fee, but there are others that are absolutely free. With free image hosting services there is usually a limit on the bandwith that may be used, this is due to the bandwith costs. Paid image hosting services usually have better features than free image hosting services. Paid services often allow users to have password protected photo albums, customizable skins, and customized subdomains. There are many other paid services available that offer different packages of features, options, and costs.

For many people, the free image hosting service suits then well for all of their needs. If you don't need the paid services, don't go for it unless it is really needed for some reason.

African American news reporter turns from professional to ghetto in 3 seconds

Did you ever notice how almost all news reporters on television basically have the same voice? They all sound the same when reporting a story. Of course this comes with the training they get when preparing for their career but watch this funny video when the true voice of this African-American reporter comes out. It is hilarious!

Does the period go before or after quotation marks?

Did you ever wonder where does the period go when you are ending your sentence with a quotation? I never had before and that is probably why I have been writing incorrectly my whole life. Let me give an example of what I mean here. Normally I would write the following sentence like this.

After Mike apologized to me I said "don't worry about it".

Notice how my ending period comes after the quotation mark. I have recently learned that this the wrong way to write it. The correct way to write this sentence would be:

After Mike apologized to me I said "don't worry about it."

I have always known that my grammar wasn't perfect but "geez".

Oops, I mean "geez."

I am going to try to make every effort I can now to try and remember to use this proper form of grammar even though it still does not seem right to me. For some reason, I feel whoever made this rule made a terrible mistake. If I made this rule the period would come after the quote, just seems more proper to me.

I also recently learned that this rule of the period coming in front of the ending quotation mark is an American thing. In the United Kingdom, Canada, and islands under the influence of British education, punctuation around quotation marks is normal and accepted as the proper form of grammar. Looks like us Americans got this one wrong! Why did we get it wrong?

"In the days when printing used raised bits of metal, "." and "," were the most delicate, and were in danger of damage (the face of the piece of type might break off from the body, or be bent or dented from above) if they had a '"' on one side and a blank space on the other. Hence the convention arose of always using '."' and ',"' rather than '".' and '",', regardless of logic." This seems to be an argument to return to something more logical, but there is little impetus to do so within the United States.

Now that you know how to end a sentence with a quotation mark, the simple rule to remember is that in the United States, periods and commas (yes, commas too) go inside quotation marks regardless of logic.

How to Start an Ebay Business Stocking No Merchandise

Many people sell on eBay and even have an eBay store selling merchandise that they don't even keep in stock. They don't even have to ship the products out to the buyers, they just collect the payment and ...

Find yourself a company that will dropship products for you. Dropshipping means that the company will ship the item to your customer under your name label. When the customer receives their product they think the product came straight from you and never have any idea that you used a drop shipper.

Using dropshippers is a great way to sell things because their is never no up front cost from you. You don't buy until something sells first.

Open up an eBay store. You can start off with a basic store. Name your store and you are open for business.

You browse the items from the dropshipper you chose. Most dropshippers offer you pics that you can use to list their items in your eBay store; most will even give you a description you can add to your listings.

List as many items in your eBay store as you can afford to. Pay attention to the prices that you list your items. If your dropshipper is selling a certain item for $20.00 then you will need to sell it for a little more to make your profit. Don't forget to figure out PayPal fees and other related cost. Remember, you are in business and need to figure all of this out.

When an item sells, the buyer will pay you. You then contact your dropship company and order the product and let them know who to ship it to. You have profited from the sale and the dropshipper sends the order to your customer under your name. The customer will then send you a nice feed back thanking you for their order.

There are many dropshippers to choose from and some specialize in certain things more than others. Many eBay power sellers have been using dropshipping as a valuable tool for their business. In the resource box you will find wholesale dropshipping sources.

dropshipping sources

How to Not Cheat On Your Spouse

Being with the same person for 5, 10, 20, 30 years seems to be more and more uncommon these days. Cheating spouses is probably the biggest reason for relationships ending. Yes, it is difficult to be in a long term relationship with out cheating but not impossible if you give it the effort. Many have been faithful for 20 years and then one day find themselves cheating. These tips will help keep you from not cheating on your partner.

Do not get to close to a friend of the opposite sex. OK, I can hear all the people who are saying that they can just be friends with a member of the opposite sex without anything happening but if given enough time with someone; closeness becomes intimate and something may happen. It is not guaranteed to happen but why put yourself in this situation and increase the chances of you cheating on your partner.

Don't put yourself in a personal setting with a member of the opposite sex. For instance, don't be going out to dinner all alone with someone. Don't go hang out at the park together all alone. Why put yourself in this situation!

Don't tell all your secrets to your opposite sex friend. Why ain't you telling your partner instead? If you can't tell your partner these secrets then get yourself a member of your sex to talk to and tell your secrets. Many woman will say that they don't get along with other woman and that's why they have all guy friends, this is crap! If you don't want to cheat on your partner then you can't be having a best friend of the opposite sex that you are telling all your secrets to.

Keep busy in your life. If you live a busy life then you will spend less time thinking about cheating on your partner. You have other things going on in your life that are more important. KEEP BUSY! If you are an unemployed person who just sits around all day and does nothing then you are probably going to hang around thinking about cheating on your partner. You don't want those kind of thoughts so keep busy!

Think about your partner and keep the romance alive by spending time together. Many people will stray away when they feel like their relationship has died. It's up to you to bring it back alive. Spend quality time with your partner.

Stay intimate with your partner. People love to be intimate and when it is not there you may feel the need to get it somewhere else. Be intimate with your partner and your partner will return the favor.

Don't ever think that cheating is something that everyone does. Though some people may make it seem like it is normal to cheat it does not have to be so for you.

Not cheating on your partner takes work and when you committed to your relationship you did give up certain things in life. You will have to give up certain aspects of your social life which means having so called just friends. Having members of the opposite sex as so called just friends will not help you to achieve your goal in being a faithful companion.

Think about the consequences if you got caught cheating. It is the ultimate betrayal in a relationship and even if you were forgiven things will never be the same. Lack of love is not the reason people cheat it is usually the intimacy of a relationship that causes one to cheat.

How to Start a Circular Mailing Service

Starting your own circular mailing service can be a great business for anyone looking for a great work at home opportunity to supplement your income.

Your going to have to decide what prices you are going to charge your customers and what your operating cost will be so you can make a decent profit for your work. Do the math, at current prices it will cost you $0.44 a piece to mail a letter containing five 8X11" circulars (fliers) so to mail 100 letters will be $44. Mailing 500 will be $220, 1000 letters would be $440 and so on.

Again, do the math. $15 per 100 8X11"circulars would be a decent price. Your customers will pay a fraction of the cost that they would pay to mail their circulars out themselves and you will make a decent profit for your work.

You have to get the word out that your in business. There of course are different methods to do this but the best way is to get some camera ready ads typeset for yourself that you can place in some mail order opportunity publications. Find a decent typesetter to create some 1" and 2" ads for you that briefly explain your service and your price rates. Don't forget that your name and address need to go on the bottom of your ads so your customers know where to send their orders.

Your circular mailing service is not expensive to get going at all but to start out you are going to have to do a little advertising. If you are able to find the best low cost publications to place your newly created ads in that charge $1 to $5 to place your ads in then you will be safe starting out with $100 of advertising cost. This will get your new business out there and will bring in new customers.

After advertising your service and orders start to come in the fun starts. You will receive cash, checks and money orders for your service. It is now your job to acknowledge to your customer that you have received their order immediately and then start mailing out their circulars.

Remember, you want your customers to get responses to their circulars (fliers), this is one of the main reasons they are paying you. If they get a decent amount of responses they will continue to use your service and you will have a customer for life. How do they know that orders are coming in from your mailing? Most code their circulars so they know who distributed their circular.

You will need a mailing list to mail your customers circulars to. You can Google mailing list or look in mail order trade publications for mailing list.

At the beginning you probably won't make a profit but aim for breaking even. For instance, if you receive three different orders to mail 100 of their circulars for $45 total (at our example rate above) then you will break even when you do your mailing that will cost you $44 of postage. When the orders come in consistently you would bring in $75 for 100 circulars mailed from 5 different customers. That's a profit of $31. Many customers will order 500, 1000 or more circulars to be mailed!

How to Go On a First Date for $50 or Less

When going on a date there is no need for you to spend more than $50. Spending more than that will not get you anywhere you wouldn't get anyways by spending $50 or less. Learn why you should never drain your account on that first date.

When taking that special lady on a first date you are going to want to invest as little as possible into her until you get to know her better and make sure you really like her and that she is worth you spending your hard earned money on.

Let's face it, when a guy takes a girl out on a date he is hoping to get lucky and if you don't believe that then you are in some real denial. Even if he really digs the girl, he is still looking to get lucky.

A great first date would be taking her to the movies which should cost you about $16.00 do get in. Chances are you will go to a walk-in but if you are lucky enough to have a drive-in around your area that would be better to take her since it would be better for conversation, cheaper to get in and it can be a little more cozy and private for you two.

You can share some popcorn and a soda with her and that will cost you around $8.00.

So far we are only up to $24 so we have only spent a little under half of our budget.

You will want to take her to eat now and you can use the remaining $26.00 you have for that. $16 will not get you into the fanciest restaurants of course but why would you want to take her there anywhere. Of course you don't want to be the cheapest guy in existence by taking her to McDonald's. A good place to eat would be at a near by Denny's restaurant or similar style restaurant. You can even have a few drinks there.

That's it! You went on a nice and pleasant date for only $50!

Now, if this girl you took out sees this as a cheap date and would have rather have had you to take her to the casino's up in Vegas, to the fanciest restaurants in town or even a trip out to Hawaii then you don't want this girl anyways. Chances are you will not get lucky with her but at least you didn't spend too much of your hard earned cash on her.

The biggest mistake a guy can make is by thinking that the more money he spends on his date that the more chance he has of getting lucky. This is not true even though some woman would like you to believe that. The first five seconds a woman sees you her mind has decided if she is going to get intimate with you or not so throwing your cash around does absolutely nothing.

So there you have it. How to spend $50 or less on a first date.

If your first date goes good and you continue to go out with the girl then it is OK to spend a little more on her on later dates. The point of this article was not to teach you to be a broke, cheap and greedy person just to watch out and be smart out there.

Don't let your date flatter the money out of you. You have a plan and a budget so stick to it.

How to Get Your Girlfriend to Go to a Strip Club With You

So you want to get your girlfriend to go to the strip club with you. Is it possible? Find out here.

Let your girlfriend know about your desire to take her to the strip club with you.

Just mention it to her every once in a while how you would love to take her to a strip club with you. Don't hound her about it everyday because you will only decrease your chances of her ever going with you.

Many girlfriends will love it that you even want to take them with you instead of you sneaking behind their back to hit the strip bar.

If she is a good girlfriend she may even surprise you one day on your birthday or some other special occasion and offer to go with you.

Of course if your girlfriend is bi-sexual it would help a lot because she will enjoy looking at the dancers there along with you.

Have no fear though if she is straight. If she is a good girlfriend and just wants to make her man (you) happy she may want to go along with you to make you happy.

If you have a girlfriend who is completely closed minded and against this kind of stuff and she sees this kind of stuff as sick and gross then maybe you are with the wrong person if you want to do this kind of stuff.

With that kind of person your chances are pretty slim. She may be the type who thinks that you should not look at another woman besides her for the rest of your life. Good luck with that! Your best hope with that kind of woman would be to get her drunk as a skunk and then trying, who knows, it might work but I doubt it.

But seriously, the main way to get her to the strip bar with you is to let her know that you would like her to go with you. An opened minded woman who loves her man would do anything to make him happy and it's not like your doing anything wrong. You two will just be a happy couple enjoying the night together at the strip club.

If your girlfriend really doesn't want to go, your goal here is not to trick her into going. A little persuasive talk is good if she refuses to go but there comes a limit and a time to just give up.

How to Get The Coolest Domain Names as Your E-mail Address

If you want a cool and unique e-mail domain name that says something instead of the same @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, @aol.com or any of the other popular ones that we all use then learn how to get a cool and unique one.

First off, what is a e-mail domain name? It is what comes after the at @ sign in your e-mail address. Most of us have either yahoo as our e-mail domain, or maybe hotmail, aol, netzero, or some of the other popular e-mail services out there. Many times it is hard to get the name you want because these e-mail domains are so popular. I found a site that fascinated me with all of the e-mail domains you could use when you signed up for their e-mail service, the website is listed below.

You can actually have a cool e-mail domain that states your profession such as @secretary.net or @madscientist.com. If your a fireman maybe you would like @fireman.net. There are many profession e-mail domains you can choose from.

There are also hobby type e-mail domains you can choose like @elvisfan.com or @catlover.com.

You can have your city, state, country or even your continent as you e-mail domain such as @california.usa.com or @newyork.usa.com. Go country with @mexicomail.com or even continental like @europemail.com.

There are so many different fun e-mail domains that you can have.

Get the coolest e-mail domain name at mail.com

Measuring your body percentage fat

Lots of people think that just because a person is thin, that they are healthy, this is a completely false assumption. There are many thin people out there who, believe it or not, carry so much body fat in them, that they are what I like to call, fat-skinny people. These unhealthy skinny people carry lots of fat inside of their muscles, though you are not able to see this fat from their outside appearance.

There are also those out there who have a big body type and many people assume that they are overweight just because they are big. If they have a good body fat percentage and are in shape and healthy, they can probably outperform most in athletic competitions if you went up against them. Have you seen some of those football players? They are huge and some look completely overweight but they are full of muscle, have a good body percentage measurement and are really fast runners.

When weighing yourself, the number that comes up will only tells so much of the story of what's going on with your body. Besides just their weight, it is very important for one to get their body fat percentage measured. Your body fat percentage measurement give you a better idea if you are carrying the kind of weight that you want.

How to Get Your Ads Typeset For a Few Dollars

If you want to place your advertisement in a print magazine there's no need to pay expensive fees to have a display ad made for you. You can get beautiful ads done for as little as three bucks.

There are many local typesetters out there who will design a display ad for you. Most will charge you some hefty fees. The key here to getting some inexpensive typesetting done is through mail order.

There are many who conduct business only by mail. You will need to write to some mail order dealer and ask them for their typesetting rates.

Where can you find these dealer? There are

How to look younger

Some people naturally look young, they just naturally have that baby face. Some people just naturally look older than what they are, others look just their age but whatever category you fall into; how can you look even younger?

One thing that triggers people to judge your age by is the way you dress. Your style is used when people judge your age, even though they might now realize this.

Below we will give you a few tips on how to look younger without any surgery.

Your weight is an important key when trying to look younger. Overweight people tend to look older but when you are slim you give off the look of a young person.

Exercise, blood will flow more freely through your body and nutrients will be delivered to your skin. Also, exercise induces sweating, which cleanses the body of skin-destroying toxins.

How to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is one of biggest challenges a person can face. Most non-smokers can not imagine how hard it is to kick the habit. Most people start smoking at a very young age, usually from 12 to 17 years of age. Personally, I think that someone has to be a real idiot if they start smoking in their mid-twenties or later in life when you should know better but with that said, mostly all smokers start smoking in their teenage years.

Almost all smokers want to quite but just don't know how. Besides the chemical addiction, a smoker also has to deal with the psychological addiction. Think about it, say you began smoking cigarettes when you were 13 years old and now you are 35 and want to quite. It may not be that easy to break the habit when you have been doing something for most of your life.

These steps will help you quite smoking:

How to earn money with your images and pics

Bloggers everywhere are always learning about new ways to make money with their blog. Pay per click programs and affiliate programs are very popular but there is also image hosting sites that will pay you every time a visitor of yours clicks on the pics on your page.

Many people start blogs because they love to write but then when they learn that they can actually make a few bucks with their blog it becomes even a little more exciting for them. They start thinking about how they can make thousands per month but the truth is that they will see that it is not just that easy. Yes, many people do make their living blogging but the vast majority of bloggers only earn some change everyday but it's better than nothing - right! You started blogging because you love writing so the small change you earn each day is a perk that you probably didn't expect anyways.

How to get free money making publications in your mailbox

There is a mail order world out there where entrepreneurs are making a great living off of their own home based mail order businesses. This has nothing to do with chain letters or those other scams out there, these are real money making opportunities found only in mail order publications. Want to learn more?

There are many money making opportunities in existence today. Many entrepreneurs search for these opportunities online thinking that this is the only way to find great home based business opportunities. Yes, there are many opportunities online but it is not the only place and if you think it is then you are missing out on some of the greatest small business opportunities out there.

Many of the best money making opportunities are sent out only via USPS mail. That's right, the old school way. Why through the regular mail? Because there is just something about