How did we ever live without the internet?

How did we ever live without the internet? This question was asked to me by my 8 year old child. Now, my kids have very limited access to the internet as I don't want them wasting their life in front of a screen but in my presence they can sometimes use it. Anyhow, I told my child that though the Internet makes things very convenient we got along just fine without it. This question kind of made me think back though about how I would ask my parents how they ever got along without a microwave or colored TV. I mean, think about not being able to just pop something in the microwave and being able to eat in a few minutes. My little ones also laughed at me when I told them that when we played video games we had to walk down to the corner liquor store or hit the arcade and pay a quarter everytime we played a game. They thought it was just crazy that we had to pay to play games, I guess they think that the video game system in the living room was free, lol. I was about to tell them about the pay phones that we used to commonly use but thought better of it! Didn't want them to think that we had to pay to make a phone call since we all get free cell phones now, lol. Kids are funny :)

My thoughts on Proposition 8

I usually do not write about stuff like this because honestly I am not into politics or anything of the nature but one thing that has caught my attention is this Proposition 8 thing going on. I never vote but this might get me to vote, then again I don't know if I want to mess up by non-voting streak. Proposition 8 is a initiative measure on the 2008 California General Election ballot titled Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. If an individual votes "yes" then they are voting for only marriage between a man and a woman to be valid or recognized in California. If you vote "no" then you are voting for the fundamental equal rights for same sex couples to marry.

There has been much advertising by both sides of this issue on the radio and on television. The subject first caught my attention when the "yes on 8" commercials started coming on TV. They stated how same sex marriage would be taught to school children as being acceptable. OK, now this really caught my attention since I am the father of 6 children all 12 years old and younger. Then I started seeing "no on 8" commercials about the false claims made by the other side. The "no on 8" commercial had a big shot from the school district, I think the LAUSD saying that schools do not have to teach anything about marriage to children. Then I see a counter by the "yes on 8" people. They say that it is a lie and that it is mandatory to be taught to children in 94% or 96% of the schools. Anyhow, these people can be quite confusing. Who in the hell is telling the truth here. You can see why I don't like getting involved with stuff like this. Politics are made up of a bunch of liars! Who's the liars? Shit! I don't know!

No matter what they say about the teaching of it in school, it does not change my opinion on the subject though. I am "YES ON 8" because I do believe in traditional marriage. Even if they are not going to teach it to school children my personal beliefs is that only a man and a woman should be able to get married. Am I against homosexuals? Am I discriminating? Call it what ever you want. I don't hate anyone for what they do but that does not mean that I agree with what you do. To me being just being with the same sex is not natural and it pisses me off that the media is trying to make it seem natural. I mean, I remember as a kid that if you seen two men or two women together on television it was like "What the hell"! Now, it does not even surprise you that much anymore and no one is shocked to see it. I personally think that the kids of today are being brainwashed by the media and as a parent it is up to you to teach your child what is right and what is wrong. Teach them morals and values.

Forget the streak, I'm voting! Also, if "no on 8" wins I'm moving out of California because I think that will be the last straw with God! It could be the next Sodom or Gomorrah here and I'd rather be somewhere else. One more thing I wanted to point out is that it seems that some people who do not follow things to closely think that by voting "No" that they are voting that same sex couples should not be able to get married. It can be a little confusing for some people. I think the "No on 8" will get many votes by some people being confused.

It's tough being Mexican American

Being Mexican-American I think is something that most other people can not relate to. For one thing, many Mexican natives view you as not being a real Mexican. A lot of them see you as being a washed up Mexican or a wanna be white person. Oh god, when they find out your Spanish ain't all that - forget it! Just ask Jessica Alba about it. She's taken a few hits for being of Mexican descent and not knowing Spanish.

On the other side of the token. A lot of white people look at you and think that you are an illegal immigrant, go figure.

Why is this in my head? Because today I was in Encino, a mostly white neighborhood. There was a white guy who I was conversating with and during the conversation he asked me what country I was from. This was odd to me! What country am I from? I've never had anyone ask me this question. I wasn't offended, just surprised. I mean, I have absolutely no accent, don't even speak Spanish all that well. I had to explain to him that I'm 4th generation on my moms side and 8th generation of Los Angeles on my dads side. He was surprised and said that most Mexican people he meets were either born in Mexico or their parents were. This guy needs to hang around North East Los Angeles more often or the San Gabriel Valley were many Mexican Americans have been around for three generations or more. I mean this guy must be hanging around Macarthur Park, Maywood or Huntington Park where you would find what he is saying true most of the time. I really threw him off when he found out my Spanish is next to none. He really needs to get out more because he acted like he never seen a Mexican American who didn't speak Spanish. Trust me, there are hundreds of thousands of us! Shocking?

Later in the day I was near Downtown Los Angeles. A guy asked me something in Spanish. I couldn't understand him and he asked me the same old questions that have gotten real old. With his broken English he asked:

"Where were you born?"

"East L.A." I say.

"Where were you parents born?"

"L.A." I say.

"How about your grandparents?"

"L.A. and Texas" I say.

They then understand a little more.

It's just crazy but that's life. Just my days experience.