My Adventure in Downtown Los Angeles Today - Road Rage, Parking Meters and more

I just got back home and thought I'd write a post her on Blogger Party before I go to sleep and get up for work tonight. Boy, am I glad to be home! Just came back from Downtown Los Angeles taking care of some personal business, I hate going there. I officially reside in the city of Los Angeles but I do not live in the heart of the big city there. People can really piss you off when you are driving over there. For those from other big city's I'm sure you can understand. I was driving in the right lane but there was a car parked there (where it should not have been parked) but anyways I had to get over to my left lane. I had an open spot but I sped up a little to get even more space from the car i was going to get in front of. As I accelerated the gas pedal this idiot for some reason or the other starts to speed up himself like he is thinking to himself "Your not going to get in front of me". My time is running out so I really start to push the pedal to the metal and to tell you the truth ended up cutting him off, then he honks like a moron and once I made a few gestures at him he turned away real quick. I can so understand how all this road rage happens out there, people can really get you boiling. Then when me and my wife get to where we are going we have to park on the street. OK, I'm not one for paying for parking but if you really, really have to then you just do. It was only 50 cents for 1 hour with a hour hour maximum, no problem. Ok, an hour goes by and I remembered that I better get back to the car. I go back to the car and sit in it while my wife takes care of the end of our business inside. Then I think to myself, well if I just put in another quarter, maybe the parking people won't know that I've already been here for an hour so I put the only quarter I had in there. After doing that I notice that my tire has a white line on it marked with chalk I believe. Oh, OK, so they mark your tire that way they know that you've already been her for a while. I'm thinking damn, I just through my last quarter in here and if they come around I will have to drive away because of that mark. Light bulb then flashes in my head - Just take the mark off. I start rubbing it with my finger, don't do a thing. Rub it with some napkins which was kind of dumb but it don't do a thing either. Kind of smeared it a little bit but you could still see it really good. So I get the bottle of water I have in the car and throw it on the tire and start rubbing it with a rough rag I have in the car. Still would not come off!! I'm thinking - Is this just chalk they use or what!! I give up, sit in the car hoping Mr. Parking Meter guy doesn't come around and then here he comes. As he gets next to me I start backing up thinking "Great, now I have to drive around the streets around this ghetto dump until the wife comes out". As I'm pulling back though with this fool staring at me - My baby came to my rescue swaying out of the building and hopping into our ride. Boy am I glad to be home. Time to go to sleep, wish me sweet dreams!