Toy's R' Us Sucks

This post is about the unfair return policy of Toys'R'Us. I don't know how many other stores operate like this but I will never shop at Toys' R' Us again. I don't care if they brainwashed all of us with their little commercials back in the days, you remember the song don't ya

"I don't wanna grow up"
"I'm a Toy's R Us Kid"
Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla
"It's the biggest toy store there is"
Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla

They may be the biggest but Toys R Us prices are definitely not the cheapest - A big rip off if you ask me - but they can sell for whatever price they want.

Anyways, during my Christmas shopping I bought my son a blow up remote control four foot robot. He liked the toy when he opened it up Christmas morning but after putting air in the different sections of the robot we realized that there was a little tear in the head part so the air would leak out slowly but surely.

No problem I told my wife, I'll just return it to were I purchased it - Toy's R' Us. I barely took it back in yesterday which is January 6th. Told them I wanted a replacement, they said it would be no problem, just go get a new one. I looked through the isles but did not see any more and let them know that. They said they would see if they had anymore and discovered that they are out of stock and would not be getting anymore. I said O.K., no problem, just give me my $40.00 back. They said there are no cash returns on anything electrical (Anything that uses batteries). WHAT! GIVE ME MY DAMN MONEY BACK!

This really angered me because I wanted my money back so that I can find the robot somewhere else. Instead, they gave me a dumb Toys' R' Us gift card which forces me to get something else from their store for $40.00. I didn't have to get it right there on the spot, I have the card in my wallet at this moment. But Toys' R' Us return policy sucks and I will never again shop there again or any other place that operates like that.

I will now look for and buy the robot somewhere else and will have to get something with that certificate at Toys' R' Us'. I might as well use it right, what am I going to do? Let them keep my $40? Of course not.

To sum up this post: "Toys R Us" SUCKS! Don't shop there!