How to Get Your Ads Typeset For a Few Dollars

If you want to place your advertisement in a print magazine there's no need to pay expensive fees to have a display ad made for you. You can get beautiful ads done for as little as three bucks.

There are many local typesetters out there who will design a display ad for you. Most will charge you some hefty fees. The key here to getting some inexpensive typesetting done is through mail order.

There are many who conduct business only by mail. You will need to write to some mail order dealer and ask them for their typesetting rates.

Where can you find these dealer? There are trade publications out there that are not sold at news stands or the general public but are only sent out by mail to mail order dealers. In these publications you will find typesetters who will typeset your ads starting at a buck and up. You will find many different dealers and may prefer one dealers style over the others.

After writing to these typesetting dealers they will send you their typesetting rates and you will see sample of their work on their previous customers.

Out of mail order kindness, it is polite to send a long self addressed stamp envelope when requesting information from these dealers. You will usually get a quicker reply.

If interested in finding some of these mail order trade publications click here.

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