How to look younger

Some people naturally look young, they just naturally have that baby face. Some people just naturally look older than what they are, others look just their age but whatever category you fall into; how can you look even younger?

One thing that triggers people to judge your age by is the way you dress. Your style is used when people judge your age, even though they might now realize this.

Below we will give you a few tips on how to look younger without any surgery.

Your weight is an important key when trying to look younger. Overweight people tend to look older but when you are slim you give off the look of a young person.

Exercise, blood will flow more freely through your body and nutrients will be delivered to your skin. Also, exercise induces sweating, which cleanses the body of skin-destroying toxins.

Don't get too much sun and wear sunscreen.

Use a wrinkle-reducing moisturizer.

Use products with copper peptides for skin firming.

Nutrition plays a vital part in keeping skin looking young. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and avoid over-processed foods, sugar, and simple carbs.

Lastly, if you want to look younger then you will have to dress like you are young and hip. If your dressing like an old person then you will look like an old person. I have seen many people who are 40 years old and dress like they are 60 thus giving an older appearance. On the other side of the token, I have seen 40 year olds who look 25 to 30 years old because they dress like they are young.

For guys: Don't wear your pants to tight, this will make you look older. Wear your pants a little baggy like younger people do. Long hair will make you look older, shave your head and give yourself a young and hip look.

For women: Don't dress to conservative like grandma. Dress a little sexy like a younger girl would. Of course this does not mean dressing like a prostitute but dressing with some sex appeal will help you look younger.

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Katie Hallison said...

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