How to earn money with your images and pics

Bloggers everywhere are always learning about new ways to make money with their blog. Pay per click programs and affiliate programs are very popular but there is also image hosting sites that will pay you every time a visitor of yours clicks on the pics on your page.

Many people start blogs because they love to write but then when they learn that they can actually make a few bucks with their blog it becomes even a little more exciting for them. They start thinking about how they can make thousands per month but the truth is that they will see that it is not just that easy. Yes, many people do make their living blogging but the vast majority of bloggers only earn some change everyday but it's better than nothing - right! You started blogging because you love writing so the small change you earn each day is a perk that you probably didn't expect anyways.

You learn about pay per click programs like Google Adsense and BidVertiser that pay you for every click that a visitor to your site clicks on. You then learn about affiliate websites that monitor a companies affiliate programs for them. You learn that when someone buys from a link on your page that you earn a certain percentage of that sale. There are just so many ways you learn that you can make money writing! Look at this website here Bukisa. Here you get paid for a certain number of impressions to your content. You just discover more and more ways to earn from your writing.

One other way to earn that does not seem as known is getting paid every time a visitor to your blog clicks on one of your pics on your page. The sites that pay you for this are image hosting sites and only a minority of image hosting sites will do this but there are a few. A great one to use is called Shareapic where you can upload unlimited pictures or galleries. They will pay you $0.22 per 1000 pic views. These might not seem like a lot but if your blog generates enough traffic that small change can add up real quick. There are many great image hosting sites out there but the way I figure it is why not earn some extra revenue if the image hosting site will share it with you. Another thing that is great about Shareapic is that you can have your Bidvertiser ads running right along side your pics. Always discovering something new!

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