How to Meet Guys / Girls On Free Telephone Chat Lines

Meet that special someone by using free telephone chat lines. When we say FREE we really mean FREE! Learn how.....

First off, you will need to know the phone numbers to these telephone chat lines. We will start off with Live Links. Live Links is always free for woman to call and will offer men a free trial membership, usually 60 minutes worth of free time. All of the chat lines we will tell you about here basically work the same way. Woman can always call free and men are offered the free trial membership, usually 60 minutes.

OK, so lets call Live Links. The number to call so that you can get your local number (We don't want any long distance charges) is 1-800-916-1090. You will then be given your local number to call.

You then call your local number. Follow the instructions that the recording will give you. It will ask you for your gender, if you are a male Live Links will offer you a free trial membership. Just follow the easy instructions that are given. If you are a female just follow the easy instructions and again as mentioned above the chat line is always free.

As you proceed with the instructions you will need to record your greeting for other callers to hear. Live Links will first prompt you to say your name after the beep. It will then prompt you to give your greeting. You will have 60 seconds to record your greeting to introduce yourself to others. Remember that those that will be hearing your greeting are on the chat line live at the same time as you.

In your greeting you will want to speak clearly and give a description about yourself. What you look like, where your calling from, what your interest are and what you are looking for.

After your done with your recording Live Links will approve it in seconds and your greeting in live. The only way it might not be approved is if your cursing in it or soliciting.

When someone hears your greeting and you catch their interest they will send you a message. You will know when someone sends you a message because you will hear a "Ding" sound followed by a recording that someone has sent you a message. After hearing the message you can respond to the message, ignore the message or try and connect live with the person.

Of course as others can hear your greeting and respond to you if they wish you can also do so as you go through others greetings. As you go through others listings you can pass them up, send them a message or try and connect live with them.

Live Links is a great telephone chat line to meet people and even though guys will have only 60 minutes free, they may consider paying for a membership after that. If paying is just not an option for you, you can still get 5 or 6 hours for free all together by calling all of the companies chat lines and getting free trial memberships in all of them. Below is the numbers to call to get your local numbers for your free trial memberships.

Live Links 1-800-916-1090

Tango Personals 1-800-810-8108

Vibe Line 1-800-811-1633

Red Hot Date Line 1-800-945-3616

FonoChat 1-800-616-6153

Interacive Male 1-800-698-6986

Lavender Line 1-800-688-6880

When recording your greeting always speak clearly and leave a good greeting. The chat lines offer you advice on recording your greeting.

The chat lines are usually more busy during the late hours which of course is better for you. During the late hours you will find over 100's of members on while during the day hours you might only find around 20 or so people on. Best time to call would probably be between 11PM and 2AM.

As we know men are offered free trial memberships on each phone chat line. Remember that each telephone number is offered one free trial membership per phone chat line. This is usually reset after some time and then you can get another free trail membership again from the same phone. Not sure what the time limit is from your last free trial membership but I would say it is somewhere around the 6 month mark.

For men, when getting your free trial membership on a line, remember that you will have up to a week to use your trail membership our it will be lost.


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