How to earn money with your images and pics

Bloggers everywhere are always learning about new ways to make money with their blog. Pay per click programs and affiliate programs are very popular but there is also image hosting sites that will pay you every time a visitor of yours clicks on the pics on your page.

Many people start blogs because they love to write but then when they learn that they can actually make a few bucks with their blog it becomes even a little more exciting for them. They start thinking about how they can make thousands per month but the truth is that they will see that it is not just that easy. Yes, many people do make their living blogging but the vast majority of bloggers only earn some change everyday but it's better than nothing - right! You started blogging because you love writing so the small change you earn each day is a perk that you probably didn't expect anyways.

How to get free money making publications in your mailbox

There is a mail order world out there where entrepreneurs are making a great living off of their own home based mail order businesses. This has nothing to do with chain letters or those other scams out there, these are real money making opportunities found only in mail order publications. Want to learn more?

There are many money making opportunities in existence today. Many entrepreneurs search for these opportunities online thinking that this is the only way to find great home based business opportunities. Yes, there are many opportunities online but it is not the only place and if you think it is then you are missing out on some of the greatest small business opportunities out there.

Many of the best money making opportunities are sent out only via USPS mail. That's right, the old school way. Why through the regular mail? Because there is just something about

How to play checkers online

Checkers is one of the most popular board games in existence. Most of us learned to play checkers as children and would get some good practice during rainy days when we were in elementary school.

Technology and the internet has now made it possible to play checkers with other people from across the world. One good thing about playing checkers online is that you don't have to worry about any cheating going on such as your opponent making a few changes to the board when you take a break to use the restroom!

You can play checkers against anybody, anywhere. Yes anywhere! You could play against a guy in Alaska, a guy in Scotland, a girl from Australia, a girl from China. It don't matter where they are!

There are a few websites out there that you can play online checkers such as Yahoo, but I will have to admit that my favorite place to play online checkers is at a website called I think the graphics look better and just like the overall feel of the website. If you would like to check it out please visit

Besides checkers, you can play other games too. You will be able to play as a guest but it's better if you register with the site and get your player name so that a score can be kept on your wins and loses. If you are real confident in your game skills I warn you, there are some real experts who will make you scratch your head.

How to Meet Guys / Girls On Free Telephone Chat Lines

Meet that special someone by using free telephone chat lines. When we say FREE we really mean FREE! Learn how.....

First off, you will need to know the phone numbers to these telephone chat lines. We will start off with Live Links. Live Links is always free for woman to call and will offer men a free trial membership, usually 60 minutes worth of free time. All of the chat lines we will tell you about here basically work the same way. Woman can always call free and men are offered the free trial membership, usually 60 minutes.

OK, so lets call Live Links. The number to call so that you can get your local number (We don't want any long distance charges) is 1-800-916-1090. You will then be given your local number to call.

You then call your local number. Follow the instructions that the recording will give you. It will ask you for your gender, if you are a male Live Links will offer you a free trial membership. Just follow the easy instructions that are given. If you are a female just follow the easy instructions and again as mentioned above the chat line is always free.

How to fight a false restraining order

So you've been served with a temporary restraining order from a bitter spouse. What you do now is very important. The next steps you take will have a giant impact on your life.

When you get the restraining order, which will probably be served to you by law enforcement, comply with the order. You don't want that wacko who filed the order to get her/his (90% chance it's a woman, nothing against woman, I love woman but it's a fact) way even more. If they falsely hit you with this TRO can you imagine the satisfaction on their face if you violate it and are arrested. Please, comply with the restraining order.

The temporary restraining order will most probably have you removed from your home, you will have to stay away from the person who filed the restraining order and if you have children you will not be able to see them in the mean time until everything gets settled in court. All your personal belongings will also be at that home you were kicked out of so even though you have not committed a crime it can be quite a large punishment.

Many woman will file a false restraining order against their man out of spite just to

How to Get Printing Done Cheap

Printing can be an expensive expense for any business. Your local chain businesses can charge you about $70 for 500 2-sided black and white copies. Did you know that there are home operators who will charge you up to 75% off of that price.

The first step here is to find these home business operators. There are mail order trade publications that are not sold to the general public and are only received by those in the trade. These publications will have advertisements by these printers with their prices.

After seeing some of their ads in these publications, many have order forms that you can just order from or you can write to them and ask them for more information about their printing services.

An average price from these mail order dealers would be around $28 for 1000 2-sided black and white 8X10" copies. 500 2-sided copies would cost you around $22. These are just example prices but this tends to be the norm with these printers.

You can save much money by using these printers. How can they charge so little? They operate from home and don't have all the overhead cost that your local businesses have. It's jut crazy! I went into a local chain and they wanted 9 cents per copy, that was 18 cents per page for a 2 sided paper. That would be $18.00 for 100 2 sided flyers. For $18.00 I could get 300 via the mail order printers!

If you want to save big time on your printing then you may want to check out these mail order trade publications here.