How to Get The Coolest Domain Names as Your E-mail Address

If you want a cool and unique e-mail domain name that says something instead of the same,, or any of the other popular ones that we all use then learn how to get a cool and unique one.

First off, what is a e-mail domain name? It is what comes after the at @ sign in your e-mail address. Most of us have either yahoo as our e-mail domain, or maybe hotmail, aol, netzero, or some of the other popular e-mail services out there. Many times it is hard to get the name you want because these e-mail domains are so popular. I found a site that fascinated me with all of the e-mail domains you could use when you signed up for their e-mail service, the website is listed below.

You can actually have a cool e-mail domain that states your profession such as or If your a fireman maybe you would like There are many profession e-mail domains you can choose from.

There are also hobby type e-mail domains you can choose like or

You can have your city, state, country or even your continent as you e-mail domain such as or Go country with or even continental like

There are so many different fun e-mail domains that you can have.

Get the coolest e-mail domain name at

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