How to Get Your Girlfriend to Go to a Strip Club With You

So you want to get your girlfriend to go to the strip club with you. Is it possible? Find out here.

Let your girlfriend know about your desire to take her to the strip club with you.

Just mention it to her every once in a while how you would love to take her to a strip club with you. Don't hound her about it everyday because you will only decrease your chances of her ever going with you.

Many girlfriends will love it that you even want to take them with you instead of you sneaking behind their back to hit the strip bar.

If she is a good girlfriend she may even surprise you one day on your birthday or some other special occasion and offer to go with you.

Of course if your girlfriend is bi-sexual it would help a lot because she will enjoy looking at the dancers there along with you.

Have no fear though if she is straight. If she is a good girlfriend and just wants to make her man (you) happy she may want to go along with you to make you happy.

If you have a girlfriend who is completely closed minded and against this kind of stuff and she sees this kind of stuff as sick and gross then maybe you are with the wrong person if you want to do this kind of stuff.

With that kind of person your chances are pretty slim. She may be the type who thinks that you should not look at another woman besides her for the rest of your life. Good luck with that! Your best hope with that kind of woman would be to get her drunk as a skunk and then trying, who knows, it might work but I doubt it.

But seriously, the main way to get her to the strip bar with you is to let her know that you would like her to go with you. An opened minded woman who loves her man would do anything to make him happy and it's not like your doing anything wrong. You two will just be a happy couple enjoying the night together at the strip club.

If your girlfriend really doesn't want to go, your goal here is not to trick her into going. A little persuasive talk is good if she refuses to go but there comes a limit and a time to just give up.

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