How to Go On a First Date for $50 or Less

When going on a date there is no need for you to spend more than $50. Spending more than that will not get you anywhere you wouldn't get anyways by spending $50 or less. Learn why you should never drain your account on that first date.

When taking that special lady on a first date you are going to want to invest as little as possible into her until you get to know her better and make sure you really like her and that she is worth you spending your hard earned money on.

Let's face it, when a guy takes a girl out on a date he is hoping to get lucky and if you don't believe that then you are in some real denial. Even if he really digs the girl, he is still looking to get lucky.

A great first date would be taking her to the movies which should cost you about $16.00 do get in. Chances are you will go to a walk-in but if you are lucky enough to have a drive-in around your area that would be better to take her since it would be better for conversation, cheaper to get in and it can be a little more cozy and private for you two.

You can share some popcorn and a soda with her and that will cost you around $8.00.

So far we are only up to $24 so we have only spent a little under half of our budget.

You will want to take her to eat now and you can use the remaining $26.00 you have for that. $16 will not get you into the fanciest restaurants of course but why would you want to take her there anywhere. Of course you don't want to be the cheapest guy in existence by taking her to McDonald's. A good place to eat would be at a near by Denny's restaurant or similar style restaurant. You can even have a few drinks there.

That's it! You went on a nice and pleasant date for only $50!

Now, if this girl you took out sees this as a cheap date and would have rather have had you to take her to the casino's up in Vegas, to the fanciest restaurants in town or even a trip out to Hawaii then you don't want this girl anyways. Chances are you will not get lucky with her but at least you didn't spend too much of your hard earned cash on her.

The biggest mistake a guy can make is by thinking that the more money he spends on his date that the more chance he has of getting lucky. This is not true even though some woman would like you to believe that. The first five seconds a woman sees you her mind has decided if she is going to get intimate with you or not so throwing your cash around does absolutely nothing.

So there you have it. How to spend $50 or less on a first date.

If your first date goes good and you continue to go out with the girl then it is OK to spend a little more on her on later dates. The point of this article was not to teach you to be a broke, cheap and greedy person just to watch out and be smart out there.

Don't let your date flatter the money out of you. You have a plan and a budget so stick to it.

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