How to Start a Circular Mailing Service

Starting your own circular mailing service can be a great business for anyone looking for a great work at home opportunity to supplement your income.

Your going to have to decide what prices you are going to charge your customers and what your operating cost will be so you can make a decent profit for your work. Do the math, at current prices it will cost you $0.44 a piece to mail a letter containing five 8X11" circulars (fliers) so to mail 100 letters will be $44. Mailing 500 will be $220, 1000 letters would be $440 and so on.

Again, do the math. $15 per 100 8X11"circulars would be a decent price. Your customers will pay a fraction of the cost that they would pay to mail their circulars out themselves and you will make a decent profit for your work.

You have to get the word out that your in business. There of course are different methods to do this but the best way is to get some camera ready ads typeset for yourself that you can place in some mail order opportunity publications. Find a decent typesetter to create some 1" and 2" ads for you that briefly explain your service and your price rates. Don't forget that your name and address need to go on the bottom of your ads so your customers know where to send their orders.

Your circular mailing service is not expensive to get going at all but to start out you are going to have to do a little advertising. If you are able to find the best low cost publications to place your newly created ads in that charge $1 to $5 to place your ads in then you will be safe starting out with $100 of advertising cost. This will get your new business out there and will bring in new customers.

After advertising your service and orders start to come in the fun starts. You will receive cash, checks and money orders for your service. It is now your job to acknowledge to your customer that you have received their order immediately and then start mailing out their circulars.

Remember, you want your customers to get responses to their circulars (fliers), this is one of the main reasons they are paying you. If they get a decent amount of responses they will continue to use your service and you will have a customer for life. How do they know that orders are coming in from your mailing? Most code their circulars so they know who distributed their circular.

You will need a mailing list to mail your customers circulars to. You can Google mailing list or look in mail order trade publications for mailing list.

At the beginning you probably won't make a profit but aim for breaking even. For instance, if you receive three different orders to mail 100 of their circulars for $45 total (at our example rate above) then you will break even when you do your mailing that will cost you $44 of postage. When the orders come in consistently you would bring in $75 for 100 circulars mailed from 5 different customers. That's a profit of $31. Many customers will order 500, 1000 or more circulars to be mailed!

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